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The pair of high heels become meaningful

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The pair of high heels become meaningful

Post by keqing on Fri Dec 17, 2010 7:49 pm

"Standing on high heels, I can see the world." This is the "Sex and the City" columnist Carrie classic cheap nfl jerseys. Carrie addicted to shoes, such as life, always can not resist the temptation of high heels. In the "Sex and the City" movie, when holding a Moro • Mr. Big produced Blank shoes, blue silk to propose to her, the pair of high heels it will instantly become meaningful because it represents not only the feeling is love choice. "Love fades, but the shoes always are." At the emotional air max 2011, Carrie has said such a lonely place. 5 feet 10 inches tall and Nicole Kidman and Tom Cruise • formal divorce, the media, not without bitterness, she said: "Now I can wear high heels." And Monroe's marching Farrago thin coach outlet online, said: "We do not know who first invented it, but all women should be grateful to it." movie "stealing to wear high heels", the life of a lawyer's sister, a serious conservative, but hidden in a cupboard at home fashion high heels high heels.
Italian is a Stiletto, that is, a narrow blade knife, is a perfect "weapon." High heels with four hundred years of history, in the long evolution as close as perfect. High heels and women's coach bags outlet intensified. However, it is the birth of high heels from the man. Perhaps because of this, high heels and men, men and women, a relationship began to have a hard nut to crack. 16th century, European aristocrats began to wear high heels men, as is the time in the riding on the heel stirrup. It was "satisfactory followed by" the coach purses outlet of the period, which symbolizes wealth and status or expensive shoes. Short stature of Louis XIV in order to make himself look tall and mighty, so the shoemaker for his shoes fitted with 4 inch high heel and the heel painted red to show their noble coach handbags outlet. At that time only men the right to wear high heels for women is taboo. AD 1680, the beauty of nature, began to try to wrest from men the right to wear high heels. High-heeled shoes began to rage in the 18th century. Reduce the high heels make a woman stride, legs straight, and makes the contraction of the buttocks, chest before the pretty, willowy charm along with the students.
Standing in high heels, the women began a journey full of discovery and poetic. Smart woman, know how to use the coach wallets outlet sixth sense dealt with gently, to the charm of its luxurious high-heeled shoes, so that men fascinated. Fetish high heels make a woman suffer. High heels in men may be simply a pair of shoes; but for women, not just a pair of shoes is so simple, life is the most important thing is to pick a good pair of shoes. High heels on a woman is a "natural women", is the oakley sunglasses online of walking. Each girl may have had to steal a child wearing her mother's experience of high heels. Little feet, into his big shoes, to and fro, Ad Dada despair fascinated at the sound of heels tapping the ray ban 3025, from hope to grow up, looking forward to have their own dreams of high heels. Now, finally grown up, and finally have a first pair of high heels, and then a second double and third double . until you have a cupboard full of one.
The narrow little shoes, perfect curves and shiny, one can see on the impressive, although sometimes they are not comfortable, but with chanel sunglasses sale, is a kind of satisfaction. Scientists, writers Delco Yaw say, things will be out to sea, at the school, will go home, will move back, and not in your place. We always thought that people are the classic argyle knit of all things; in fact, the scale of things is all. Each object has a unique soul. "You and look around. Life is not only human! On daily things to do a philosophy class experiment it, you will find that they both make our dismay, we, crazy, also allows us calmed." Heels are so. Why women love high ugg classic cardy ? Why is the world's fascination with high heels? Perhaps it is because a woman's attitude shape the high-heeled shoes, perhaps because the high heels and giving women the magic moment of rebirth.
Like the movie "magic shoes", as in the heroine, a pair of magical high heels, changed her world, her cheap dior sunglasses shoes from obscurity into a shiny, "muse", but also to her mediocre a designer (Actor) assistant. However, she also contradictory, because she knew there was no magic shoes, she is not chi flat iron. So, she left disappointed. But then, a man finally found his "muse" is not that beautiful she was, but in reality the real her. End of the film, the two embraced in the river, the beautiful heroine pair of magic shoes to sink into the water. In fact, this time to show the real magic is the chi hair dryer of the moment. High heels from the men, but it ultimately belongs to women, and men of course, always relevant.The history of ancient Egypt, high heels, shoes made of papyrus paper. Interestingly, when only the Pharaoh and the royal family members can wear these chi turbo, Pharaoh's wife is walking barefoot.
Royal shoes are very expensive, the equivalent of a medium town year GDP. Pharaohs of ancient air max wore flat shoes, and then wear the shoes off farmers in a number of sedges followed by more in order to land in the soft heel when walking to play a supporting role, which are the oldest high heels.French court costume 15th century invention of high air max 2012. Since then, though not the width of the heel height changes from time to time, but the frenzy of high heels are enduring. Because "the shoes and women to share experiences, no matter where you are in a stage of air max 2010, whether fat or thin, the shoes with you forever." 16th century: In fact, the emergence of the first high-heeled shoes, riding for the convenience of the people Time to fasten the stirrup feet. High heels until the 16th century became the fashion elite stuff. "A woman to show the world through the ghd hair straighteners of their gait." High heels are the best props to achieve this gait. Only take off the high heels on the feet looked soft when the problems will only be from the bottom of my heart lamented the cost of such devotion.
Because, according to the degree of intimate contact with the different high heels, your toe, foot, arch, ankle, knee, calf, or lumbar, cervical, may your feet beautiful and secretly damaged. Human beings are the world's only animal with the ghd of the foot structure, foot because of its fine structure, called a person's second heart. Foot Medical Association reports the U.S. adult women 64% of foot problems caused by improper shoes, and 11% were due to walking imbalance. United Kingdom in 2007 and 20 million ugg classic tall were injured in inappropriate shoes. Heels of the "high" at the very high-heeled patients from the chi digital board filled with joy and hanging from the tours, to end the pain or discomfort due to various bitterly stuff off this pair, each stage of a specific foot problems occur . Orthopedic Surgery, Tingyi Hospital, we know, to seek treatment for more than 80% of women in high heels because of foot problems arise, many of ghd pink four or five-year-old patient, the foot deformity occurs and young love high with the charm on. Root of the problem, almost all of the previous low to high structure.
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