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The end of each work boots gucci bags

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The end of each work boots gucci bags

Post by chuoni78 on Tue Mar 01, 2011 6:40 pm

the end of each trip, we carefully bring home a box of "treasure"
ceramic shoes since then fascinated, every time I made a trip in which to organize a visit - scouring antique shops, visiting the handicraft center. Fushun, Guangdong, Fujian, Huizhou and Doha etc, ceramics and much more, and can be bought relatively cheaply. Antique shops in cheap timberland boots, you can buy a lot of quality, there are wax seal, the source record, age and other details, which allow export, buy with confidence. At the end of each trip, I bring a box of home care "baby", and then travel a lot more fun. Christmas 1992, I returned from Hong Kong to visit relatives, a bag full of shoes in ceramics, has spent more than three thousand Yuan, which would be a trip to Hong Kong for Burongyia spend three thousand Yuan is also a working class in the capital original, and all stunned to see directly, do not hesitate to buy.
Do not just buy their own, friends and relatives abroad are also encouraged to help the heart. Uzbekistan, Indonesia, Greece and timberland shoes outlet countries have done with strong ethnic characteristics of ceramic shoes and geographical features. Spain, Italy, UK work shoes up in victory, carved, openwork decoration, painted gold, with the internal process has been different. Learned in recent years in line, I started on the network "Taboo", collections have increased more and faster. This does not, and now the nephew to help me buy shoes in a foreign country, when they have to take pictures to look at me, fear of repeat purchase.
Difficult to achieve showroom, will show a virtual network
she decided to move last year, and I took the opportunity to make a collection of more than 20 years of inventory. Of work boots, this is a huge voluminous works, only the first shoe to each carefully wrapped in newspaper, put downward one by one in the box, then fill the gap newspapers, and then tape the box "connected". Ten box full of fear of a crash, I do not have the courage to call the workers are moving their hands on their personal battle.
New government is not enough space, so now only put part of your shoes. Useful free, I continue to make a glass case, intends to study, living room walls have a couple of windows, can directly watch and cat designer shoesthe accumulation of dust on shoes. In fact, the wife does not like a little 'less, I put on more than 1,000 are the only shoes that space, but to be so nice if the pressure bottom of the shoes rather a pity. I thought about buying a house on the first floor, ceramic shoes to create a private gallery, free for visits, but unfortunately, not yet implemented the plans, the high prices, this desire can only be a stalemate.
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