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Focused on the prospects of cultural change "in China" "China has made shoes

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Focused on the prospects of cultural change "in China" "China has made shoes

Post by chuoni78 on Tue Mar 01, 2011 6:44 pm

Looking back on the prospect of public standing, in fact, many brands are the product or brand in the tory burch outlet of some of the items targeted development of Chinese products in order to quickly reduce the distance between the Chinese consumers. Chinese culture is certainly the most torybourchus.comto the Chinese, when overseas companies to market for the moment the Chinese culture for Chinese producers should take this opportunity to "wisdom" made "to create more value for manufacturing.
"Jean Xiao," many people see it, or in many films and television, as a people considered ground terrain could not be louboutin pumps, in the overseas market, but its value more than Nike and other brands, even reaching $ 75 per pair, to say that this is a "miracle."
The parties, the rage in Europe and America this year, improved version of Jean Xiao, is an American businessman and the tory burch flats sale of Henan Jiaozuo Jean Xiao shoe launch of Sirius, in plastic to keep the head Jean Xiao canvas classic top and at the same time, and improvements in the material, making it more comfortable and stronger. There is a flat shoe work, uniform price of $ 76 per pair. With the improved version of the red tory burch reva in Europe and America Jean Xiao, originally priced at less than $ 2 with basic local Jean Xiao also skyrocketed. Taboo reporters yesterday at the Japanese shop found a couple of Jean Xiao regular price is 2990 yen (about 240 Yuan).
They were not "punch". Originally priced at less than $ 2 per pair of shoes sold in the United States improved 75-87 U.S. dollars. Sold in Japan, about 460 Yuan a pair, while in China the price is not tory burch outlet - sold for 358 Yuan a pair, one great cause. According to the chief shoe Jean Xiao said now improved, the use of fabrics, materials and so on, and different from the past. It is not a strong smell of rubber; wear no tory burch handbags sale feet, and twenty breathable, non-wetting Shaun Shum, more durable and more comfortable.
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