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difference between the shoes

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difference between the shoes

Post by chuoni78 on Tue Mar 01, 2011 6:50 pm

Tang Dynasty unearthed in Turban Silk painting of Astana, the nike shox classic figure of women with high-Xian Lu Tang difference between the shoes of the second generation of women's shoe style, airjordanmax in the head, or round or square, or tip, or divided into several valves, or some layers, but the shape Ago Xiao.
Shoes these poems from the Tang Dynasty to find proof. As Wang Yaw Shi said: "Cloud Hall of shoes the first step." Yuan Zhen's Poem Day: "Organization defines heavy shoe with gold." Words air max said: "Cong compiled fine head of red shoes."
Alice Tang colored shoes bequeathed to future generations a lot of genre. For example: a pair of high-head Unearthed Jin Lu, help with variant phase flowers Kim Po, the earlier design with nike lunar max and birds on red brocade, lined with striped flowers of six-color flow birds Moiré Kim sewing, very nice ..
In ancient times, the first shoe that has a high cloud Alice made the island is this: the white cloth for the shoes, the green baize for the high, pulls the first cloud over blue cloth for the article on the air jordan, each side through the six pleasures to Italy in December.
Five shoes started sharp enough, the "lotus feet" for the Song dynasty that Alice has had shoes on. Song of the "map obedience Girl" painting of women like Alice is the tip of this red discount-shox. Southern Song Dynasty tomb discovered in the role of Alice, even as high as seven or eight inches high silver shoes.
Ming Dynasty to the Yuan Dynasty Costume, Boots has been further developed. However, due to the strict nike shox nz of the system-wide shoes, so people still wear shoes normally earth-based, skill levels improve their shoes are still marked by Alice. Suzhou Hun Quiz generation Xian Ming O cheap nike shox Wanly (AD 1613) King Gigue common burial unearthed a couple of pairs Rudi white cloud at the end of the first men's yellow satin.
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