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Back to the 18-21 century of high dior glasses handbags

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Back to the 18-21 century of high dior glasses handbags

Post by chuoni78 on Tue Mar 01, 2011 6:29 pm

in the world of women, high heeled shoes, with its unique style has always been the attitude of the heart becomes a darling woman. Each woman has her own special feeling of high heels. But the true history of high heels, how many people really know?
In the 18th century, the view of the Rococo style popular, beautiful costumes, stressed, and high heels, the style changes. satin high sunglasses hut, multi-purpose material, cotton fabrics, kids, style and more and half for the light to help with high heel high heels, beautiful feet, with fine embroidery upper, decorated with precious stones, and the shoe steel buckle, elegant. This is delicate to put their shoes when they come out with a layer of leather shoes.
1730, women's heels to the "fine roots" of development, commonly oakley sunglasses hutas "Punta Badu heel" or "French heel." Toe to toe-based, people began to try to produce thin heel, sadly enough support in order to extend the top to connect the shoe heel. Begun in 1760, the shoes tend to "low development", but unlike before when the tip of the foot. As for men, is still popular with red high heels, but also in a low heel with the trend. The 18th century, the shoes seem slippers. In addition, the main men in the room when you wear high heels, boots, when worn out.
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Nineteenth century, high heels
19th century, high heels are a very important development ─ heels almost out of the men, unlike the first appearance well loved by men, but women gradually become the exclusive footwear. Moreover, high heels gucci sunglasses menin Paris, France, introduced in the U.S., because they discovered that high heels can be successful without wearing their most prostitutes and customers of all ages.
19th century, high heels, mostly flat shallow mouth, often cross-ties to maintain the style of classic, a long, narrow toe, and toes were small square head. The black and brown shoes sheepskin shoes are gucci sunglasses hutend. Moreover, at different times in different areas of fashion, like the 1800 ~ 1810 for the tip, 1810 ~ 1830, the Head, 1830 ~ 1849 for the class narrow side first.
the late 19th century, combined with hypnosis previous close of her skirt, high heels are harmonized. Living high heels to wear during the day, to make walking shoes tight package, there prada sunglasses hutbe a row of buttons on the shoes or the mouth of rubber. Part of the dance and wear is more luxurious, there embroidery upper half of the mouth surface of heels. Why do women wear clothes of the 19th century, will cover the first step scenario. Thus, the christian dior sunglassesof silk or other fine material, a large arch Zhu Hue and elegant evening at the social dance shoes sewn in with a good opportunity to show his face.
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