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Popular with different skate shoes such as satin

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Popular with different skate shoes such as satin

Post by chuoni78 on Tue Mar 01, 2011 6:34 pm

The industrialization and the consequent large number of inventions, the actual creation of the 19 was in a lively and explosive, the concept of evolution of fashion, shoe technology has reached a torybourchus.com, popular with different materials such as satin, silk and leather creating shoes, style is also more diversified.
Twentieth century, high heels
the design on the louboutin pumps began to emerge from the twentieth century, the production of shoes, is no longer just an activity, and to become a center of a conservative design profession special.
1920 ─ sandals and high heels combination. They dress as women have a more open attitude update, more relaxed, more moral norms; the designers began looking for "naked" with sandals and high heels, tory burch flats sale dinner to become high-heeled sandals. In addition, 1920 will be "up" trend in fashion, high heels, thin and elegant lines are an important feature of this era shoes.
1930, the Great Depression, people's lives are very hard, so necessary to wear shoes. Shoes of the period of strong and simple, but there are tory burch reva elegant lines. Roger Vizier shoe division to french luxury decorative heels began to influence the "American tory burch flip flops of shoes, luxury shoes with high heels in the header Jive Qin ‧ Rogers (Ginger Rogers) feet shine.
In 1950, shoes with high heels of the most important period of history, the early high-heeled shoes, because the technology and materials of the limit of shoes, the heel can only create a funnel, that is, the plant began to close with the Ministry, the Ministry of further expansion at the end. The wedge can then be transformed into straight lines in the United States is still tory burch outlet. Until the '50s, technology has revolutionized the pin high-heeled shoes; the designer can design the tapered heel today. And then Marilyn Monroe has been designed to wear thin by Salvatore Farrago heels of metal with his fame, no wonder, said: "Although I do not know who first invented louboutin sandals saleheels, but all women should be grateful to him, high heels cause me great help.
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